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Lets ALL Support
Our QUEEN for 2017

Katherine Brocke

Dear Friends of Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation,

I am honored to be a part of this organization that is so important to our family and all of the families in the Santa Ynez Valley. As the 2017 Youth Recreation Queen, I hope you will join me in this year's events to support the youth in our valley.

My name is Katherine Brocke and I am a senior at Santa Ynez Valley Union High School. 1 was fortunate to attend SYV High School with my two older cousins, Bear and Brooke Redell, and my older sister Melissa Brocke. Each of us pursued different sports and activities. Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation has supported our interests just like we support each other as a family. Bear played football and excelled in his natural gift of music; Brooke played tennis, soccer and was active in ASB; Melissa was on the swim team, cross country team, and was a passionate member of FFA. For all four years of High School I have been on the track team and am currently the team captain. For the past two years I have been part of a weightlifting class, Strength & Fitness, which exists because of the Youth Recreation's donation to build the weight room. Our school's athletic programs have made me who I am and led me to find passions that I would not have found on my own. My two younger cousins, Mac and Paige Halme, play little league baseball, soccer and basketball. Paige is also involved in the Glee program from Arts Outreach. SYV Youth Recreation has generously supported all of our programs annually. I am excited to give back to this organization that gave me and my family phenomenal childhoods and strong relationships with the community.

My grandparents, Paul and Susan Halme, moved to the valley in 1976 and raised their four children, Maili, Melissa, Matthew and Morgan, here.   My grandfather is an attorney in town and my grandmother owns The Solvang Bakery with my aunt, Melissa Redell. Her husband, my uncle Billy Redell, is also an attorney. My aunt and uncle, Hilary and Morgan Halme, live in the valley - Morgan works at Decker's and Hilary works for Silver Air. My mother, Maili Halme, is a chef and owns her own catering company. My family has always believed in giving to our community and the SYV Youth Recreation is one of our favorite ways to give back. I feel so fortunate to have been raised in this beautiful valley with such strong community support.
I look forward to meeting all of you in person at this year's Santa Ynez Valley Youth Recreation events as we continue to raise money to help the youth programs we all hold so dear.

With gratitude,
Katherine Brocke

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